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Reisswolf Cyprus founded by Mr. Markos Eleftheriou and became a member of Reisswolf International Franchise Network in 2012. The company name has become synonymous with the provision of the highest standard of the documents Information Management Cycle processing services such as Digitizing, Archiving and Destruction which constitute the fundamental elements of our S.S.A (Simplicity Safety, Accessibility) business model developed by Reisswolf Cyprus.

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The management of information is one of the biggest challenges facing organizations today with an ever-increasing amount of information stored in a variety of media formats. In addition, pressure for legal compliance lays strategic focus on records management with modern administration. With Reisswolf Cyprus our clients:

  • Can transform their organization to a new paperless business
  • Optimize their business processes
  • Achieve improved accuracy and consistency of information distributed to them
  • Organizational Agility meeting dynamic market demands
  • Reduce time, cost and complexity with your Document Management Procedures (DMP)

As a member of the Reisswolf International a European leader in Enterprise Information Management (EIM) services, Reisswolf Cyprus has all the credentials to deliver Information System applications and services that let you build a cohesive information management strategy that leverages existing assets, meets urgent needs and establishes a fast path to the future. The goal is to provide and preserve information as a business asset that remains secure, easily accessible, meaningful, accurate and timely by saving time and money.

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The company’s headquarters are located in Larnaca – Aradippou Industrial Area with total building facilities that comprises of 5 floors (2 for Sales and Administration purposes and 3 for physical archiving). The physical archiving area has been constructed according to the European Vault Standards to become the most Safe Place for Sensitive Documents